Best educational hemp videos

Did you ever have the problem of explaining somebody why hemp is not (only) a drug but a very, very useful plant which can help us change our economy to be all bio-based (as it used to be for so long….)?

Or do YOU want to lern more about industrial hemp and its benefits?

Here is a short collection of amazing educational videos on hemp!


Let us start with something light:


Now we can learn some more facts:


In case you want to learn more about building with hemp:


And how a fully hemp-based hemp house can look like:


Also very interesting and also with Tony Budden from Hemporium:


Or you can watch this one hour documentary about Jack Herer – who was the hemp messias as he wrote “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” in the late 1980s which explains everything you  possibly may want to know about hemp.



In case you still want to learn more, here is the 77 min documentary “True History of Hemp”:


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