The 5th World Sustainability Forum in Basel

Next week, the 5th World Sustainability Forum is going to take place in Basel (Switzerland) – and I`ll be there, too, with a poster on co-operatives and a sustainable development – a topic I have discussed in one of my earlier posts! 🙂


The conference will cover all kinds of sustainability-related topics such as policy and planning, urbanization, environmental sustainability, sustainable consumption and lifestyles as well as sustainable economies.

Two of the highlights of the conference will be the keynote presentations of Marc Rosen from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Canada) on the “Potential Contributions to Sustainability of Net‐zero Energy Buildings and Communities” on Wednesday morning and the talk given by Klaus Leisinger (Global Values Alliance Foundation) on “Corporate Sustainability, Global Values and Pluralistic Societies” as well as the keynote lecture given by Jeffrey Sachs, the director of the The Earth Institute (Columbia University).

I am also very much looking forward to talks on “Attitudes, Behaviours, and Lifestyle”, “Cultural Values and Sustainability” and “Sustainable Life‐Cycle Analysis of Buildings”, “Sustainable Retrofitting of Buildings [and] Sustainable Construction Methods” as well as “Transformational Solutions for Sustainable Future Cities [and] Climate Change and Urban Form”.

I will keep you updated!


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